2017 : #ThisIsTheYear

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In response to a prophetic word in July 2014, we have been recording notable Kingdom Life events. We are grateful to the Father for giving us the opportunity to fill these page with stories of His goodness. As we simply go and be amazing for Christ, 'Kingdom on the Streets' stories and 'Kingdom in our meeting' stories are captured. We celebrate and magnify our King....

OCTOBER, 2017 Baptisms!

watch this space...




Hundreds of people passed through our venue for our opening. Hilton and Tanya McKinley flew over from South Africa. In the first two meetings we saw salvations and healing. Praise God for that first and foremost; and we are super pleased that God provided all of our needs to be able move into our venue within the bounds of the Largest shopping/restaurant mall in the North of Scotland.


AUGUST, 2017

St Machar was the setting for our former worship leader who met her husband in Bethel during her 2 years studying. Congratualtions Hannah and Daniel Miles.


JULY, 2017

Jess Hippey spoke on Unlikely Heroes of the Faith and asked the Holy Spirit to come fill the room and move on the congregation. A ministry time was filled with tears, shaking and fainting in the Spirit. We want to take a moment to honour God for answered prayer as if he'd not shown up in power the whole application of the Word would not have come to pass.



JUNE, 2017

We had Richie and Avvy Pratt with us from Hilton, Pmb, South Africa with such incredible prayer time that people were literally laying in the dust, on their knees in the building site of our new venue. With less than 100 days to go before we move in, the venue stying site, smells and feels like a building site.


A quite extraordinary thing happened during our Ladies prayer meeting. They were praying for "general" operational finance as things were extremely tight on that side. That same day Eon informed us that we had been over charged for Electric for a number of years and would send a cheque for the over payment. Its extraordinary because it wasn't £50 or £500 but £5689.13!! Now thats answered prayer. Thank you Lord













APRIL, 2017

During the preach (last Sunday of the month) we had a time of prayer where people received the infilling of the Holy Spirit afresh, some spoke in tongues and others wept; some shook, others were peaceful. God is not a "One size fits all" person. He loves each one of us individually, and therefore moves in our lives the best way possible, which is different for every one. Thank you Lord!

MARCH, 2017

God continues to bless us in extra-ordinary ways. Our site in Garthdee has been allowed to move into the Garthdee Parish Church of Scotland, and is now attended by Church of Scotland, Brethren and Pentecostal Christians.



We've never written about finances in our last 5 years of testimonies, but this is exceptional.....


During the week of the 19-25th February, two donation were received from within ChristCentral. One of £15,000 and another of £5,000.


During the week of 12-18th February another donation was received from within ChristCentral of £25,000


During the first week of January a one-off donation of £3000 was received from within ChristCentral.


During December 2016 something broke in our prayer meeting.

During the first 11 months of 2016 things had dried up financially, but God never had the leadership panic or speak on finance or have any special offerings despite obvious needs in operational and venue costs. People still visited, people still gave their lives to Christ, baptisms still happened and every month there were testimonies of healing and deliverance. Our Social action programme TLC still provided 100's of families across our city with meals. So the ChristCentral family just kept doing the basics well : Pray, preach the Word, pray, host His presence, and pray again. You could say we are definitely a praying church!


Without any indication or inclination to expect it, by the end of December ChristCentral had received an enormous £22,528.56 in additional offerings from within the church. For some, this may not seem like a huge break through but.....


It is important to note that the back-drop to this is that the fellowship was unable to pay the leadership on three of the previous 15 months as recession, pay-cuts, job losses and people moved away causing a shift in our budgets in every area - the fellowship almost halved in number. During this stormy time for Aberdeen we heard of two fellowships who lost almost everyone and closed. We held on (maybe more in desperation than "complete faith").


We are so thankful to God for the faithfulness and loyalty of our leadership team and our members who "sucked it in" as we squeezed through a very very tight 2016.


It was almost laughable when Pastor Rick prophesied "This Is The Year" as we headed into 2017. There's never been a time past when it seemed less likely to be true. But, Isn't that typical of our Loving and lavish Father God! 2017 has seen the start of an incredible change in expectancy and excitement in ChristCentral. Working into communities like Garthdee, we have started a TLC school breakfast club; We have seen people join us; and God-willing, on our 15th Birthday, September 17th - against all odds - we celebrate entering our own premises in Union Square. The wisdom of man looks foolish in the light of God. We have an extraordinary God. We hope you know Him.




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